Infographic: 9 key social media trends to navigate in 2018

Brace yourself for large waves of video, livestreaming, augmented reality, chatbots and ‘ephemeral content.’

It’s impossible to stay on top of every social media zig and zag, but there are prevailing winds that propel us toward certain content destinations.

Filmora has an infographic for those straining to survey the 2018 social media seascape through their strategic spyglasses. Here are the white whales we’ll be chasing in the coming year:

1. Video rules the land. The infographic points out that “Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram are all investing in video.” If you want to maintain a substantial reach on these platforms, you should, too.

2. Livestreaming will continue to grow. Facebook openly favors live (and longer) videos. Aside from appeasing the social media gods, consumers are gobbling up video as well. The graphic asserts that “Eighty percent of customers would rather watch live videos from a brand than read posts.”

3. Brands will double-down on ‘ephemeral content.’ The infographic predicts fleeting, disappearing content—think Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories—will continue to thrive. Ephemeral content preys on humans’ FOMO affliction.

4. Augmented reality will take off. This tech has been touted for some time. Will 2018 finally be augmented reality’s year? Snapchat and Facebook certainly seem to think so, as they’re both investing heavily in augmented reality platforms.

5. Chatbots are here to stay. Real-time engagement with potential customers is now an expectation, though quality of robo-dialogue remains an issue. The infographic predicts, “Thirty percent of our chat conversations will be with chatbots by 2018.” That’s plenty of chatter, but is it all helping your business? Some aggressively chipper chatbots do give off a murderous cyborg vibe, right?

There will more social media trends for all you intrepid digital mariners to explore in the coming year. May a gentle breeze fill your sail as you cruise through the rest of the infographic below.

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