Infographic: A guide to crisis communications

PR pros must launch their plans of attack within the first 48 minutes after a crisis to ensure that they can take control of their situations. Here’s what you should keep in mind.

When crisis hits a brand, the first hour is crucial.

Though PR pros of affected organizations might not be able to take complete control of the narrative, chances are you can take significant strides toward mitigating the damage.

Crises tend to be unpredictable, but it’s become all too common to see organizations announce data breaches and major product recalls.

Every crisis will have its own set of challenges and specific requirements for navigating it. Ensuring that your organization has a handle on its priorities will go a long way toward bringing the conversation under control.

Where should you start? That’s where a recent Fineman PR infographic comes in. It lays out exactly what must occur within your internal and external communications teams—and how to prioritize.

It starts at the social media level by equipping front-line teams to handle any questions or comments that come in via online platforms. From there, it’s a matter of understanding the affected audience, their needs and how best to meet them—all while maintaining a level of transparency and educating internal stakeholders.

For more on managing a crisis communications plan in the first 48 minutes, check out the infographic below:


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