Infographic: A step-by-step guide to rank higher in searches

You don’t have to be a Web developer or SEO expert to have your website appear higher in results through search engines. This infographic outlines what you should know.

How often do you hear, “Make sure your website is optimized for search”?

How often does that phrase make you want to roll your eyes and groan? You know optimizing for search involves terms like “title tags” and “meta description tags,” yet you have no idea what those terms mean—nor do you have time to learn.

If this sounds like you, help is here.

An infographic from SurePayroll illustrates what to adjust on your website to ensure it ranks high in searches. It describes what title tags, header tags and meta description tags are, and it explains how you should write them to inch higher in the rankings.

The infographic describes how images can help boost your rank, and it explains how to control what appears when someone shares your Web page via social media.

Take a look:

(View a larger image.) ​

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