Infographic: Are old-school media channels back from the dead?

This ghoulish graphic lists PR and marketing channels many believed to be moldering in their grave—but they’re walking again.

Some marketing channels refuse to die—and some have returned to life.

With so much emphasis on new media platforms helping brand managers reach audiences, several old-school media methods are considered dead. Yet, marketers can find success in reviving old media strategies.

An MDG Advertising infographic shows that some of these channels are alive and well.

These “zombie” formats include:

1. Radio (271 million listeners each week)

2. Email (88 percent of U.S. consumers check their email every day)

3. Billboards and posters (51 percent of U.S. consumers noticed a billboard in the past month)

4. Word-of-mouth (92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from people they know over advertising)

Are you overlooking these presumed dead marketing avenues? Check your local media graveyard (and the infographic below) to see whether you should reconsider using these channels.

You might just worm your way into a customer’s brain (sorry, Happy Halloween!).

Topics: PR

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