Infographic: Boost employee recognition in 3 ways

If you’re not actively honoring workers for ongoing effort, results and career achievements, your retention, morale and culture could be suffering.

Who among us does not like to be praised or recognized for a job well done?

Honoring and encouraging workers is a no-brainer for companies keen on keeping their best people, but there is a way to optimize employee recognition programs. According to O.C. Tanner’s research, businesses should be lauding staff members for everyday efforts, work-related accomplishments and milestones.

Ideally, ongoing toil should be recognized at least once a week, results such as project completions should be celebrated once per quarter, and workers should receive plaudits for career achievements (such as time spent on staff).

Although many businesses observe one or two facets of appreciation, O.C. Tanner’s infographic says only 38 percent of companies surveyed offer all three types of employee recognition. The graphic also states that when businesses offer all three, they could see “30 percent more ROI from recognition programs.”

The infographic claims that more “holistic,” strategic recognition can elevate employee experience in terms of:

  • Pride in the company
  • Retention
  • Meaningful work
  • Improved work quality
  • Increased collaboration
  • Improved health and well-being

What do you give someone as a token of appreciation, and what’s the best way to announce praise? O.C. Tanner suggests symbolic accolades or meals to honor years of service, personalized awards to applaud results and gift cards or merchandise to affirm hard work.

As for announcements, prioritize face-to-face interaction. Staff meetings or colleague gatherings are the most meaningful occasions for doling out praise. However, glowing emails work, too.

Employees deserve—and increasingly demand—better treatment and genuine appreciation for their labor. Review the infographic below to see how your company’s employee recognition program stacks up.

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