Infographic: Brands with consistent messaging are worth more

Do you know the importance of an online presence, but aren’t sure if your brand is on the right track? This graphic provides some helpful reminders for success.

Building a brand people recognize, love, and ultimately choose requires a lot of work.

To help guide you to online success, created a handy infographic.

The graphic is a good reminder of why being on social media is important, and how you can use the endless opportunities it provides. Plus, it offers some solid advice. For example:

  • Post consistent messages. Consistent brands are worth up to 20 percent more than those that aren’t.
  • Show up multiple times in a few places. The more frequently a brand appears online, the more dominant and reliable it seems.
  • Have a website. Small businesses with websites earn more than those without websites.
  • Think of your online audience as an archery target. Invest most of your resources in a small, focused niche. The farther away you get from that niche, the less you should invest.

Take a look at the graphic for more:

(View a larger image.)

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