Infographic: Chrome extensions that will make your workday easier

Power up your productivity with these ingenious apps and tools.

We all need somebody—and some clever tech tools—to lean on.

For those who communicate for a living, Google Chrome offers a slew of add-ons, apps and extensions designed to ease your burden.

On Stride Financial has published an infographic that highlights the merits of 27 popular Chrome extensions.

For taming the inbox shrew, try:

  • Snooze Email, which temporarily removes a message from your inbox and returns it at a time of your choosing.
  • Hiver, a tool that “enables collaboration on shared email accounts through notes, labels and assigned tasks.”

To stay on task and avoid online distractions, consider:

For writing and taking notes, gives these tools a whirl:

  • Evernote Web Clipper, an app that enables you to “clip any article or page to a specific notebook and assign tags, highlight key sections and share links.”
  • Google Keep, a handy little widget that “captures notes, lists and photos.” This one also records voice memos, so you won’t forget the ferret’s fungus medication—again.

For other helpful Chrome extensions, read the full infographic.

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