Infographic: Common mistakes to avoid in your social media strategy

Online channels are powerful, but those platforms can amplify tiny sparks into firestorms. Here are important tips on how to get favorable attention—and avoid embarrassment.

Social media is becoming a bigger part of most marketers’ lives as they try to reach new customers and develop consumer trust.

With whopping user figures and new, powerful messaging tools introduced all the time, social media offers exciting opportunities for any organization. However, these digital megaphones also pose inherent risks.

Failing to execute a fully fledged campaign can lead to backlash, consumer mistrust and wasted money and effort.

This infographic from Your Marketing Lady offers seven social media mistakes that brand managers should avoid.

The list includes these gaffes:

  • You try to take advantage of every social media platform.
  • You use social media only to promote your thoughts, instead of listening for feedback.
  • You aren’t measuring your campaigns.

To learn about how these mistakes can harm your online reputation and undermine your social media presence, consult the full infographic.


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