Infographic: Common writing mistakes bloggers make

Blogs call for a lot of content, and churning out all those posts makes conditions ripe for mistakes. Here are the most common ones to avoid.

An infographic from says 92 percent of companies that blog several times per day have acquired a customer from their blogs.

That’s an encouraging statistic, but don’t go content crazy just yet. When you churn out a lot of content quickly, it’s easy to make mistakes. Writing mistakes, that is.

The infographic lists 10 common writing mistakes to avoid when blogging. Print it out and make sure you haven’t committed any of the errors before you hit publish.

Here are a few to be wary of:

1. Mixing tenses: Don’t start a sentence with one tense only to end it with another. This sentence, for example, is incorrect: “Thousands of people would see the art exhibit by the time it closes.”

“Closes” should be “closed.”

2. Not using the right pronoun: If a noun is singular, its pronoun should be singular, too. For example:

Wrong: “Each student has their own opinion.”

Right: “Each student has his or her own opinion.”

3. Using inflated sentences: Don’t use more words than you have to. Phrases like “in the event of” or “I am of the opinion that” make sentences clunky. Instead, change “in the event of” to “if” and “I am of the opinion that” to “I think.”

Check out this infographic for more mistakes to avoid:

(View a larger image.)

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