Infographic: Employees are more trustworthy than CEOs

A new study from Edelman shows rank-and-file workers are more credible than CEOs. Is this true at your company?

Who do you trust most at your company: the employees or CEO?

A new study from Edelman says employees trust each other more than they trust the CEO. Edelman illustrated the study’s findings in an infographic.

Employees see CEOs as most credible when they talk about financial performance, but when it comes to what it’s like to work at the company, they trust employees more. CEOs and employees are equally credible when they talk about innovation.

Perhaps unsurprising, executives have a 15 percent greater trust in CEOs than employees do.

But no one wants to work for a company where the CEO doesn’t seem credible. How can CEOs improve their credibility?

Edelman recommends companies:

  • Encourage CEOs to show, through personal stories, how they demonstrate company values.
  • Include employees in management decisions.
  • Take advantage of employee ambassadors.

Check out the graphic for more:

(View a larger image.)

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