Infographic: Employees want to be brand advocates, but don’t have the right tools

Employees can be your organization’s strongest cheerleaders, but only if you give them the right resources.

When you scroll through your social media feeds, which has more meaning for you: a company’s post about a new product, or a friend’s post about how he can’t wait to own his company’s new product?

Employees can be the best cheerleaders for your organization, but many businesses forget that.

An infographic with research from Mindshare and Dynamic Signal reveals that many employees want to be advocates for their organizations yet don’t have the resources to do so.

Sixty-six percent of employees believe they are already brand advocates, but among employees who don’t share company content on social media, 53 percent said having a platform or mobile app would it make it easier for them to do so. Related: Engage your employees internally by encouraging them to appear in and shoot their own videos.

Eighty-seven percent of employees today typically receive company information via email, intranet or in person. Mobile and social media solutions are missing.

Of note, 81 percent of senior leaders believe they are advocates for their organizations, but only 37 percent have ever shared organization information on their social media channels.

How does your organization help employees—and executives—learn about and represent the business?

Check out the full infographic: ​

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