Infographic: Evolution of the PR industry

What about PR has changed since you started your career? From news clips to news links and newspapers to online readers, this graphic highlights the industry’s major transformations.

Ask any Baby Boomer and he or she will be quick to tell you just how much the PR industry has changed in recent years.

PR pros used to strive to land segments on the evening news, and now they work to get their brands to trend on Twitter. They’ve swapped news clips for news links and focus groups for Facebook fans.

There’s no denying times have changed, and most of that change stems from evolving technology. An infographic from highlights the many ways the industry has grown.

For example, PR pros don’t just pitch reporters. They’ve added bloggers to their media lists, as well. And rather than put together press kits to tell a brand’s story, PR pros now turn to content marketing.

But no matter how much technology alters the way we communicate, the principles of PR will always stay the same. Relationships, credibility, preparedness and other industry tenets will never change.

Check out the full graphic to see how the industry has evolved:

(View a larger image.)

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