Infographic: Guilt-free ways to say ‘no’ at work

You can’t do it all—but that doesn’t make admitting it any easier. Here’s how to manage your workload without feeling bad about turning someone down.

It isn’t easy—or fun—saying “no.”

Think about the last time you told your kids they couldn’t have that toy they saw in Target while you were running errands. The car ride home would have been much more pleasant had you say “yes,” wouldn’t it?

Saying “no” to colleagues, clients or your boss isn’t any more enjoyable.

We hate to let people down or seem as though we can’t handle an additional project. We always want to be that go-to, can-do colleague.

However, you’re merely human, and you can’t do everything. Taking on too much not only will diminish the quality of your work, but will also burn you out.

They key is learning how to say “no” without feeling guilty, and this infographic by The Business Backer explains how.

Check it out:

(View a larger image.)


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