Infographic: ‘High achievers make great managers,’ and other workplace myths

There are many falsehoods that affect how businesses operate. As a result, your organization might not be performing as well as it could. Here are a few leading culprits.

Anyone who has ever had a bad boss probably knows that a person’s talent as a marketer or salesman doesn’t mean he will be good at managing other marketers or salespeople.

Managers might have earned their promotions by being high performers, but being a great supervisor and leader requires an entirely different set of abilities.

“High achievers make great managers” is just one workplace myth this infographic from the O.C. Tanner Institute disproves. Others include:

  • “Employee engagement is the goal.” A study from Accenture found that 43 percent of highly engaged workers have only lukewarm feelings about staying with their companies.
  • “Remote employees are less engaged than those in the office.” Workers who telecommute are slightly more engaged than their office-bound counterparts, Gallup reports.
  • “Résumés indicate the best hires.” CareerBuilder says 47 percent of college-educated workers say their first jobs were not related to their majors.

What other workplace myths would you like to see refuted? Please sound off in the comments, and check out the full infographic below:

(View a larger image.)

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