Infographic: Highlighting the need for kids’ eye exams

Although parents recognize the importance of back-to-school vision checkups, many don’t schedule them. Offering these points can help change their minds.

Regular eye exams for children are important, especially as they head back to school. Yet only 50 percent of parents schedule a back-to-school eye exam for their kids—even though 80 percent think it’s important.

An infographic based on a survey of 1,000 U.S. parents by YouGov and VSPVision Care has useful information that can help practitioners convince parents that an eye checkup is vital.

Among the data points:

  • The recommended age for a child’s first comprehensive eye exam is 6 months—but fewer than 10 percent of parents knew this.
  • One in 10 parents with children older than 5 years still haven’t scheduled an eye checkup for them.
  • School eye screenings miss 10–80 percent of visual problems.

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