Infographic: How a word is ‘born’

Words slide in and out of our lexicon everyday due to changing technology, world events, and a shifting culture. Here’s a guide to keep your communication current.

Is “app” officially a word?

Is a word legitimate if enough people use it?

If you’re curious about the state of the English language, Voxy has answers to these questions and more in its new infographic.

Quickly evolving technology constantly changes our vocabulary, from the words we use to the way we write them in a sentence. But apart from creating fresh words through new media (“unfriend”), we pull from pop culture references (“threequel”) and even other languages (“vuvuzela”).

Before you check out the graphic, here’s a sneak peek at which words joined the Oxford English Dictionary since the year 2000:

  • Staycation
  • Tweetup
  • Truthiness
  • Defriend
  • Plutoed

Here’s the graphic: (View a larger image.)

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