Infographic: How adults spend their time online

Twitter is one of the least common activities. Find out what tops the list.

Checking email, using search engines, and looking for health-related information are the top three things adults spent their time doing online, according to an infographic from Flowtown. Checking the weather and searching for a product or service round out the top five, respectively. What about Twitter? Just 13 percent of online adults use the site, landing it in the bottom five, along with using SecondLife, working on a personal blog, buying or selling stocks, and dating. Of note:

  • 7 percent watch videos on YouTube or Vimeo
  • 65 percent use social networks like LinkedIn or Facebook
  • 32 percent read journals or blogs
  • 21 percent download a podcast
  • 15 percent work on Web pages or blogs for work, friends, or others
  • 14 percent work on personal blogs or websites

How do you spend your time online? Take a look at the full graphic here:

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