Infographic: How an infographic résumé could help you land your dream job

A visual representation of your skills and experience could help you stand out to hiring managers. Here are some guidelines on how to do it.

Standing out among a sea of applicants all clamoring for the same job is daunting.

Rather than simply applying for a position and crossing your fingers, however, why not put your communications prowess to work?

You know that infographics are a powerful way to grab your customers’ attention, and they can be just as effective at catching a recruiter’s eye.

This infographic from Venngage and explains how transforming your résumé into an infographic might be the key to landing your next position, especially if you are applying for a graphic design or data visualization job.

Interested? Consider these pointers:

  • Use an infographic résumé as a supplement to a traditional one to highlight your visual design skills.
  • Submit your résumé as an infographic only if you are sending it directly to a recruiter. Applicant tracking systems (the technology that scans and filters résumés before humans view them) can’t read visual content.
  • Don’t just list your skills. Add data, stories and visuals that expound upon the information on your traditional résumé or LinkedIn profile.

There are more tips (including design advice) in the full infographic below.

What do you think about using infographics to apply for a job? Would you do it? If you were hiring for a position, would seeing an infographic accompany a traditional résumé make you give an applicant more consideration? Please sound off in the comments.

(View a larger image.)

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