Infographic: How demographics break down by online platform

Nearly 3 billion people are active on social media; this infographic will help you narrow down who—and where—they are.

Like an unstoppable tide, social media continues to rise, spread and seep into every inhabited cranny on Earth.

A striking 2.8 billion humans are now active social media users, according to a recent infographic posted by Tracx, which dishes out detailed demographic data as to who is active on which platforms.

Facebook, with nearly 2 billion active users, is Neptune of the social media seas, with YouTube and its 1 billion unique monthly users in a distant second place. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Reddit round out the list of most popular social networks analyzed in this piece.

Sheer volume of users isn’t everything, however. Each platform tends to draw certain demographics more than others, which is a crucial starting point for anyone keen on launching narrowly targeted social media marketing campaigns.

Read through Tracx’s infographic below to learn more about social media users in 2017.

(View a larger image)

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