Infographic: How Google gauges and assembles top teams

Clashing characteristics and expectations can disrupt your company culture. Here are the key traits and attributes the Silicon Valley giant looks for in standout groups.

Great teamwork is an essential ingredient of employee engagement and productivity, but how do you build a winning, complementary coalition?

Unfortunately, getting maximum output from of group of people with disparate personalities, work styles and communication preferences can be an immense challenge. Google has engineered a brainy approach to tackle this crucial workplace issue.

An infographic posted at MarketingProfs reveals the five attributes that Google executives deem the underpinnings of excellent, engaged groups. To uncover the essentials of top-performing teams, the company interviewed more than 200 workers and analyzed more than 250 attributes.

According to the piece:

The primary finding of the analysis was that how team members interact, structure their work, and view their contributions matters more than the traits of individual employees.

Google found the most important attribute that defined its top teams was “psychological safety”: People must feel safe enough to take risks, voice concerns and present bold ideas.

Next, successful groups are beacons of dependability, with crystal-clear roles, expectations and goals.

Rounding out the list are “meaning” and “impact,” which speak to the notion that high performers tend to view their work as more than just a job. Exemplary teams take pride in what they do, and members feel a sense of being part of something substantive and helpful. These are the types of “engaged employees” who can elevate your culture, morale and productivity.

You can read the rest of the infographic below for more detail, or you can learn more about Google’s internal research here.

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