Infographic: How internal comms can boost external messaging

To elevate your organization’s reputation, give your colleagues a steady flow of juicy content to share online.  

Do you live in constant fear of what your colleagues might tweet, yet still you want to marshal more messaging support online?

Try to turn things inside out, according to an infographic created by Brandon Daniels. He offers five ways to use internal content to beef up your company’s external communications. He advises:

Provide shareable content. “Influence what your employees say on social media by proactively supplying them with content to share.” Of course, not all “content” is created equal. Don’t expect much help if you consistently offer bland corporate slop. Be selective, and serve up prime cuts of content that are likely to be shared.

Recognize your social media advocates. Not everyone’s cut out to be an eager ambassador. Instead of wasting time trying to get your company’s wallflowers dropping moves out on the social media dance floor, try to recognize, reinforce and freely praise those who actively share company content.

Learn to let go. It’s natural to want control over your corporate narrative. However, it’s important to hold the reins loosely. As Daniels suggests: “Provide content, provide guidance and provide messaging—then learn to relax!” You can’t control what people say—or tweet—but you can do your damnedest to influence and reinforce positive messaging behaviors online.

Read the rest of Daniels’ infographic for more tips on this crucial subject for communicators.

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