Infographic: How millennials use LinkedIn

Generation Y represents 38 percent of the social network’s users. Here’s what they use the platform for, which content topics they engage with the most, and more.

There are 87 million millennials on LinkedIn, making up 38 percent of the social network’s user base, a recent study from LinkedIn revealed.

The folks at LinkedIn researched how members of Generation Y use the platform, as well as what they want from a job and how much economic influence they have. You can check out the results in this infographic.

Many of the findings are relevant to content marketers. Consider these:

  • Millennials represent 30 percent of all long-form publishers on LinkedIn.
  • More than 2 million millennials hold marketing positions.
  • The content topics millennials engage with most on LinkedIn include recruiting, social media marketing, employee engagement and self-esteem.
  • Three factors millennials look for in a job are advancement opportunities (67 percent), higher pay (60 percent) and challenging work (51 percent).

Millennials, weigh in. How do you use LinkedIn?

Check out the full infographic for more:

(View a larger image.)

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