Infographic: How moms spend their time online

A new Nielsen graphic details the top social networks moms prefer, and how this important demographic spends their time.

Moms are online—shocking news, right? What’s interesting is how moms spend their time on the Internet.

“Moms are at the center of their family’s life offline, so it’s little surprise that they’re also at the center of many of the biggest trends online as well,” according to Nielsen.

A recent Nielsen infographic details “The Digital Lives of American Moms.” Some of the statistics I found especially intriguing include:

  • Half of all moms actively participate in social media via mobile devices, compared to 37 percent of the general population.
  • Nearly one in three bloggers are moms.
  • Moms are 38 percent more likely to become a fan of or follow a brand online.

(View a larger image.)

For data freaks like me, statistics on Internet usage are always interesting. What’s even more fascinating, however, is how you can apply knowledge like this to your brand or business.

For example, if your brand targets moms, you better be on Pinterest. It’s also important to recognize that half of moms access their social networks via mobile devices, which means they’re likely consuming content and even making purchase decisions with their phones, too. Is your company’s website optimized for mobile? Can you quickly serve up the products and information that digitally savvy moms need?

After all, the infographic shows that nearly 40 percent of moms are likely to become a fan of or follow a brand online. Does your brand have a strong online presence that they can find and engage with? Moms are an audience that’s ready to consume, converse and purchase. By making sure your business is visible and active online (with a strong mobile strategy, too) you can better tap into and connect with this forward-thinking group.

Shelly Kramer is the CEO of V3 Integrated Marketing. A version of this article first appeared on her blog.


One Response to “Infographic: How moms spend their time online”

    Zeah says:

    “Moms are 61% more likely to visit Pinterest than the average American.” Well, of course, society’s standards on being a good mom nowadays does not only revolve on her ability to care, feed, and teach her offspring but also on her creativity on doing so. Many moms are bloggers as the internet is where they can share experiences with one another. Daily Headlines

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