Infographic: How Pinterest can boost your holiday sales

The social media site is vastly more effective at driving in-store sales than any other platform. Is it part of your organization’s marketing strategy?

If you made it through Thanksgiving without a relative asking what’s on your Christmas list, you’re probably in the minority.

People begin holiday shopping early, and this year is no exception.

How can your organization turn some of those seasonal shoppers into customers? Add Pinterest to its communications strategy.

Pinners will far outpace the general public in spending on holiday shopping, an infographic from the Pinterest Business blog says, and 67 percent of pinners say the social media site is important to planning their holiday purchases.

Plus, Pinterest is five times more efficient at driving in-store sales than any other platform, and 55 percent of pinners use the site specifically to find and shop for products.

If Pinterest isn’t part of your organization’s marketing plan yet, it might be time to consider adding it.

Check out the infographic for more:

(View a larger image.)

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