Infographic: How to attract, retain and engage Gen Z employees in 2019

Communicators can reach this ascendant demographic by showcasing their company’s authenticity, social awareness, flexibility and opportunities for professional growth.

How to reach Gen Z

Every generation has its own communication quirks, preferences and habits.

Gen Z’ers—61 million of whom are poised to enter the U.S. workforce—are no exception. These youngsters are tech-savvy, socially conscious and eager to collaborate. They also have particular expectations about communication.

Silver Swan Recruiting has an infographic to help you reach this emerging group. To help you attract Gen Z’ers, creators of the piece cite data from several sources, including these insights:

  • Gen Z workers seek out companies that are committed to environmental programs and racial equality.
  • Seventy percent of Gen Z respondents say they read company reviews before applying to a job.
  • Fifty-four percent of Gen Z workers expect to stay in their first job for less than two years.

The piece also offers insights into Gen Z’s communication preferences—some of which might come as a surprise.

  • A study by Randstad finds that Gen Z employees believe face-to-face interaction is more effective than communicating via text, phone or email.
  • Sixty-four percent of Gen Z’ers prefer to work in a small team within an office setting (rather than a large, open-space workplace).
  • Flexibility (both in communication platforms and remote work considerations) ranks near the top of Gen Z employees’ concerns.

What do Gen Z’ers want from an employer? The piece states:

  • Gen Z employees want incentives beyond salary, such as reimbursements for fitness, transportation and food.
  • Thirty-three percent of Gen Z survey respondents say “mentorship” is the most important benefit an organization can offer.
  • Ninety-three percent of Gen Z’ers agree that a company’s “impact on society” affects their decision to work there.

Are you ready for the Gen Z influx? Review the rest of Silver Swan’s infographics below to learn more.

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