Infographic: How to boost engagement on YouTube

Don’t just throw a video on YouTube and cross your fingers that someone will watch it. There are a lot of simple things you can do to attract more viewers.

For most of us, creating a video isn’t easy.

You need to find employees who are brave (and good) enough to be on camera, choose a location, draft a script, and shoot it all without making it look cheesy. Then you have to edit the footage and post it to YouTube.

But you’re not off the hook yet. There are some additional steps you can take to squeeze every last bit of engagement you can get out of it. An infographic from QuickSprout explains a few of them:

Have an appealing thumbnail image: You’ll increase clicks by 154 percent among women and 64 percent among men.

Fill in the metadata: Write a detailed description of your video, have a strong headline and add strategic tags. This will help search engines find your video.

Add annotations: Add “click here” messages on your videos to lead viewers to your website, YouTube channel or other location.

Have a schedule: Like with any type of content, you should synchronize your videos with news and events. If Thanksgiving is coming up, post a Thanksgiving-related video a week or two before the big day.

There are more tips in the infographic below. Check it out:

(View a larger image.)

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