Infographic: How to build the perfect tweet

Yes, there is a wrong way to tweet—or, at least, an ineffective way. Follow this blueprint to ensure your tweets spread your brand’s message.

A tweet only has 140 characters. It can’t be that hard to write a good one, right?


With such a small amount of characters at your disposal, you need to make the most of each one.

Lucky for you, this infographic from makes it simple to draft a perfect tweet.

The perfect tweet consists of three main parts: your message, a link and blank space. Here’s a peek at what each section should include:


  • Call to action: Tell readers what you want them to do.
  • Hashtags: Include one or two to increase your reach among people who don’t follow you.
  • Tone: Use your own voice, but in a professional way.
  • Format: Use a mix of headlines, questions and statistics to drive clicks and retweets.


  • Shortened URLs: links earn the most retweets.

Blank space:

  • Leave room for at least 20 characters at the end of your tweet so retweeters can add comments.

Check out the graphic:

(View a larger image.)

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