Infographic: How to conduct better meetings

Don’t waste people’s time. Keep those project updates snappy, clarify expectations, and identify tangible takeaways.

Meetings are inevitable, so how do you prevent them from going off the rails?

CBTS has an infographic that features tips on keeping your meetings punchy, productive and worthwhile. Consider the following:

  • The average U.S. worker spends nearly 12 hours each week in meetings or preparing for them.
  • Ineffective meetings cost the U.S. economy upward of $283 billion per year.

What is it about meetings that drives people crazy?

According to survey data featured on the graphic, 76 percent of workers felt most annoyed when meetings seem “unnecessary.” Fifty-nine percent carped about the wasted time of off-topic discussions; 58 percent complained about rehashing material. Wasted time helps no one, so put a time limit on meetings. Also, don’t be afraid to stymie ancillary chatter in the name of staying on track.

Improving communication, clarifying expectations, identifying concrete calls to action and troubleshooting potential technology issues are essential for better meetings. To work toward these goals, the infographic suggests:

  • Before meetings, ensure your technology is ready to go and will not disrupt the flow of the meeting. Take steps to standardize equipment so everyone is using the same platform(s).
  • During meetings, try mind mapping or using interactive whiteboards. Also consider using recording equipment so you can recap key points later.
  • Ask participants to rate the effectiveness of each meeting. Be sure to follow up with takeaways and calls to action after each meeting.

Meetings don’t have to be terrible. Review the rest of the infographic below for more meeting mastery guidance.


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