Infographic: How to fire up engagement on your YouTube channel

Videos are the hottest form of content these days, and the tips in this infographic will help you reap the benefits.

It’s not news that humans now have shorter attention spans that those of goldfish. (Though time has not eased the pain of that depressing revelation.)

That’s why videos—short videos, specifically—are becoming an increasingly popular form of content.

The mere fact that you’re creating videos doesn’t mean viewers will flock to your YouTube channel, though. To boost engagement on the video platform, consider this infographic from Vidooly. It shares five ways to entice people to interact more with your content.

Here’s a glimpse of three:

1. Focus on mobile viewers: Ninety-eight percent of millennials watch videos on mobile devices, and 92 percent of mobile viewers share videos.

2. Share your videos at opportune times: The best time to share or post a video is on a weekday between noon and 5 p.m.

3. Give viewers what they want: Post educational content; most people (70 percent) turn to YouTube videos for instructions or because they want to learn something.

Check out the infographic to see the other two tips, as well as more facts about online video:

(View a larger image.)

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