Infographic: How to get more engagement on Instagram

Instagram’s engagement rate is 60 times greater than Facebook’s and 120 times greater than Twitter’s. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of the visual network.

Instagram’s engagement rate is nearly 60 times greater than Facebook’s and 120 times greater than Twitter’s, an infographic from says.

Is your organization on Instagram?

According to the infographic, here are some reasons why it should be:

  • Seventy percent of Instagram users check the social network at least once a day. Thirty-five percent check it multiple times a day.
  • Instagram users spend 90 percent of their time on the app, which makes it the most mobile of any social network.
  • Forty percent of the most-shared Instagram videos were created by brands-not individual users.

The infographic also lists several ways to create a strong, attractive presence on the social network. Here are a few of its suggestions:

Post good content:

  • Post high-quality photos. Use third-party apps to edit them to perfection.
  • Add witty or meaningful captions to spur engagement.
  • Include hashtags to help your photos reach a wider audience.

Find a following:

  • Follow people who already follow you on other social networks.
  • Follow Instagram’s suggested users.
  • Search relevant hashtags to follow users who already engage with your brand and products.

Engage your community:

  • Ask questions in photo captions to encourage comments.
  • Reply to comments by @mentioning the commenter.
  • Like and comment on photos by users you would like to follow you.

For more tips on increasing Instagram engagement, check out the infographic:

(View a larger image.)

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