Infographic: How to get more Facebook likes, comments, shares

This graphic from Dan Zarrella is your go-to guide for getting more engagement on your Facebook page.

Even though new social networks seem to pop up every day, Facebook still remains one of the most popular.

And as long as its popularity persists, social media managers will continue to search for the best ways to boost engagement on their brands’ pages.

On the quest to get more likes, comments and shares on Facebook? Look no further than Dan Zarrella’s newest infographic.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Photos typically get more likes, comments and shares than posts with text, video or links.
  • Long posts get more shares than short ones.
  • Posts with a lot of self-referential words—”I” or “me”—tend to get more likes.
  • Content posted at 6 p.m. EST tends to get more shares, and content posted at 8 p.m. EST tends to get more likes.
  • Very negative posts bring in more comments than positive ones.

For more, like which days of the week will bring the most engagement, check out the graphic:

(View a larger image.)

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