Infographic: How to show your boss the value of Facebook

If you can’t convince your boss that your company should be on Facebook, use this infographic to craft a persuasive pitch.

As a communicator, you do a lot of pitching.

You pitch stories to the media, products to customers, ideas to your team and campaigns to your clients. You know a thing or two about it.

And sometimes, like when you need to convince your boss or client to use a social network, pitching isn’t easy.

If your company could benefit from being on Facebook but your boss won’t hear of it, this infographic from Shortstack and Dashburst can help. It describes, in seven steps, how to explain Facebook’s value to your boss or client.

Here are the seven steps:

1. Discuss your goals: Find out what kind of return on investment your boss would like, which demographics your company wants to reach and what your boss’s expectations are.

2. Gather information that supports your pitch: Compile case studies, market research and Facebook’s future projections to support your ideas.

3. Present the opportunities: Explain how Facebook can help your company reach its goals.

4. Discuss the risks: Create a crisis management plan and explain why customers prefer when a company is transparent.

5. Show the numbers: Estimate how many people should manage the Facebook page, how many hours a week Facebook will require and how much money it will cost to build a professional-looking page.

6. Propose a testing period: Suggest a trial period so your boss can see what Facebook is all about.

7. Present the results: At the end of the trial period, discuss what you’ve accomplished with the page and suggest ways to move forward.

Refer to the full graphic for more detailed instructions:

(View a larger image.)

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