Infographic: How to write a blog post that grabs readers’ attention

A smart headline will capture attention, but a strong first sentence and valuable content will keep people reading.

Every organization dreams of people flocking to its content and devouring every word.

Thanks to an infographic from, you no longer have to dream about it. The graphic outlines how to write a headline, first sentence and body copy that will entice readers and keep them wanting more.

Take a look:


The headline is the only part of a blog post that your readers are guaranteed to see. You already know headlines should be short, clear and hint at the post’s content, but we all love examples, don’t we? Consider these headline types:

  • Instill a sense of urgency: “Stop missing out on readers with these tips!”
  • Be quirky: “The stalker’s guide to guest posting.”
  • Make a list: “Top 10 ways to improve click-through rates.”
  • Use how tos: “How to speak in public-even if you hate public speaking.”

First sentence

Congratulations! Your headline snagged some readers, and they’re now skimming the first sentence of your post. But don’t get too comfortable—they could still leave you for the first shiny thing they see.

How can your first sentence entice readers and pull them through the rest of the story? Try these techniques:

  • State the benefit of reading the post: “When you’re done reading, you’ll know how to ______.”
  • Use a shocking statistic: “90 percent of people do ______.”
  • Ask a question: “What do you think about ______?”
  • Use an analogy: “Blog posts are like ______.”

The rest of the story

You’re not off the hook yet. You want people to read your entire post. As you write, make sure your post meets these criteria:

  • The information is valuable: Don’t catch the reader’s attention with a great headline that only advertises crummy content.
  • There is no jargon: When people see information they don’t understand, they’ll go somewhere else to find a simpler explanation.
  • There are questions throughout the post: Keep your readers engaged and thinking about how your business can solve their problems.

Check out the full infographic:

(View a larger image.)

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