Infographic: How to write a perfect blog post

Writing anything is hard, much less a blog post that you want thousands of people to read, comment on and share. Lucky for you, this guide can help.

My first experience writing on deadline occurred when I was in third grade.

My class and I had to learn not only how to write five-paragraph essays, but how to write them within a certain time limit so we could complete the writing portion of a standardized test.

At this point in our little lives, writing five paragraphs felt like churning out a novel. Plus, we had to write it all in cursive. We couldn’t imagine how we would ever survive.

Luckily, our teacher had a brightly colored poster on the classroom wall (that she unfortunately took down during the test) with a picture of a hamburger. The hamburger represented the outline we had to follow to write a good five-paragraph essay.

The top bun represented the introduction paragraph, the lettuce, tomato and hamburger patty represented the three supporting points, and the bottom bun represented the conclusion.

Though I don’t have a friendly hamburger poster that will help you write better blog posts, this infographic from Salesforce does the job.

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It lays out the ideal structure of a share-worthy blog post, which looks like this:





Body copy



Body copy

Call to action

The infographic also explains why this format works and includes statistics that backs up its claims.

Take a look:

(View a larger image.)

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