Infographic: How your email signature stacks up against others’

Only 28 percent of professionals with an email signature include their cell phone number, and Twitter is the most commonly listed social media profile. Read on to see how your sign-off compares.

Whenever I get an email from someone I haven’t corresponded with before, I like to look at his email signature.

I’m always curious which information people include, and I like to compare their signatures against mine. Is there a social media profile I should add? Should I stop sharing my cell phone number?

An infographic from Ever Contact (formerly reveals what a typical email signature looks like. A few interesting facts:

  • Only 52 percent of professionals have an email signature.
  • Sixty percent of professionals with an email signature list their landline number. Only 28 percent include their cell phone number.
  • Twitter is the most commonly included social network.
  • One in 20 people include an image.

How does your signature compare?

Check out the infographic:

(View a larger image.)

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