Infographic: How your social media profiles can boost your SEO

Rank higher in Google and social media algorithms when you apply these helpful tips.

When you think of SEO, does social media come to mind?

If not, it should.

Your website isn’t the only place where keywords matter. Your presence on Facebook, Pinterest, Yelp and other online networks also contribute to your Google rank.

Below are a few mini infographics from HigherVisibility. They explain how you can use your profiles to rank higher on both Google and social media.

For example, use your Facebook profile to boost your Google rank by creating a vanity URL. To rank higher in Facebook’s search, try to get more page engagement. (Engagement won’t help you with Google, but it will help you within Facebook’s search system.)


Check out the mini infographics below for more valuable insights:

(View a larger image.)

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