Infographic: Is your filthy desk making you sick?

Seeing as it has up to 10 million bacteria, the answer is likely yes.

Well, this infographic is just gross.

It’ll make you want to go home and work from your kitchen. Or maybe your bathroom. Why not? It turns out both of these places are cleaner than your office desk.

Why do office desks get filled with so much bacteria? According to this infographic from, it’s because 50 percent of Americans eat lunch and snack at their desks (guilty as charged). Even worse, one-third of employees go to work when they’re sick. (Not guilty—if I’m sick, I’m usually in my bathroom.)

Did you know that there are 21,000 germs per square inch on your mouse, keyboard, and chair?

I’d write more about this, but sorry, I need to find some Lysol—and some hand sanitizer. (View a larger image.)

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