Infographic: Making the case for an internal social network

Executives won’t let you invest time or money in an intranet or interactive platform that will help employees do their jobs better? These stats will help you persuade those stubborn leaders.

Sixty-nine percent of employees say internal social networks make them more efficient, but only 56 percent of organizations have such a tool, an infographic from Jive says.


Twenty-two percent of workers blame unsupportive executives.

How can you get executives to give you the internal communications tools your workforce needs?

Explain to them that intranets and internal social networks increase employee engagement, which boosts an organization’s bottom line.

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Consider these statistics:

  • Seventy percent of organizations say internal social networks increase employees’ productivity.
  • Employees waste 20 percent of the workday looking for information or hunting down co-workers-a problem that technology can easily solve.
  • Organizations with engaged employees are three-and-a-half times more likely to outperform their competitors.
  • Organizations with engaged employees see higher revenue than organizations with disengaged employees..

Check out the infographic for more:

(View a larger image.) ​

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