Infographic: Manage your brand’s social media profiles in less time

Having difficulty keeping up your organization’s online presence in addition to all your other work? Here’s a guide to setting and sustaining priorities.

A communicator’s days don’t have much—if any—free time.

If you could somehow find a few moments of peace, you’d spend them on a well-deserved coffee break—not scrambling to reply to comments on your organization’s Facebook page.

If you’re having trouble juggling your organization’s many social media profiles, this infographic from Rignite might be a welcome sight. It breaks common social media tasks into 30- and 60-minute chunks so you can easily schedule them into your day and ensure that you’re spending your time effectively.

For example, it recommends spending no more than 30 minutes total on the following tasks:

  • Responding to mentions and questions
  • Sharing one relevant third-party article on each social media profile
  • Commenting on one blog post
  • Following at least two people

Depending on the size and engagement level of your organization’s online audience, these activities might take more or less time. However, the infographic provides helpful guidance.

Check it out below:

(View a larger image.)

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