Infographic: Playboy among the most grammatically accurate magazines

Check out this listing of the top men’s and women’s magazines with the fewest spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Did your favorite slicks make the list?

Think about the last time you picked up a magazine in the checkout aisle of a grocery store. Did you select a magazine, not because it had the most interesting articles, but because it had the fewest grammatical mistakes?

You didn’t?

What kind of a communicator are you?

(Just kidding. You’re reading, so you’re a good one. )

So you don’t have to comb through magazines to determine which have the most accurately written content, the team at Grammarly did it for you.

In a recent infographic, Grammarly lists the men’s and women’s magazines that have the fewest spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.

Here are a few of the findings:

  • “Playboy” and “Maxim” are among the top four most accurate men’s magazines.
  • Women’s magazines have more writing mistakes than men’s magazines.
  • Articles in men’s magazines are slightly longer than those in women’s magazines.

Check out the graphic for the most accurate magazines. Did your favorites make the list?

(View a larger image.)

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