Infographic: Portrait of a LinkedIn user

Here’s a breakdown of users top five favorite features, and much more. How do your habits compare?

Chances are you’re on LinkedIn. And since the professional network has more than 150 million users, you’re not alone.

How do all those millions of people use the site? How often are they on it? Which features do they like best? An infographic from has the scoop.

A quick overview:

  • Almost all users (90 percent) use the free version of LinkedIn.
  • Half of all user profiles are 100 percent complete.
  • A majority of users (47.6 percent) spend two hours or fewer per week on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn users’ top five favorite features:

1. Groups (79.6 percent)

2. People searching (70.6 percent)

3. People you may know (66.8 percent)

4. Who’s viewed you (64 percent)

5. Company information (58.8 percent)

And what do users say LinkedIn helps them with the most?

  • Researching people and companies. (76.9 percent)
  • Reconnecting with past business associates. (68.6 percent)
  • Building new relationships with individuals who may influence potential customers. (49.7 percent)
  • Increasing the effectiveness of face-to-face networking. (44.5 percent)

Want more? Take a look:

(View a larger image.)

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