Infographic: Science-backed tactics to combat workplace anxiety

We all get overwhelmed on the job. Here’s how to mitigate stress, overcome procrastination and persevere through pressure-packed situations.

Sometimes, the mightiest workplace weapon we wield is a nice, brisk walk.

Taking a stroll might seem a counterintuitive response to watching your inbox piling up like Atlanta traffic on a stormy day, but it’s just one of the unexpected data-backed tips featured in an infographic published by NetCredit.

The piece offers pointers on what to do when you’re “feeling overwhelmed at work,” including these:

  • Tidy up your area. If a workspace is a jumble, results will likely tumble. According to HBR, which cites studies tying clutter to elevated stress and anxiety, as well as lack of sleep, decreased productivity and poor diet, “When our space is a mess, so are we.” So, make a habit of tidying up your workspace before finishing up each day.
  • Ignore your notifications for a while. Carve out 30-minute increments of time to silence your phone, turn off the telly, mute Outlook pings, and leave social media apps closed. According to the piece, “Constantly checking your notifications can cause stress and lead to a loss of focus,” so give yourself chunks of uninterrupted time throughout the day.
  • Get some exercise. The infographic cites a University of Georgia study that found “low-intensity exercise can help battle the fatigue and exhaustion you feel when you’re overwhelmed.” The next time you’re feeling swamped or stressed on the job, drop what you’re doing, slip out the door, and take a nice walk. You’ll return refreshed, energized and more relaxed.

In trying, turbulent times such as these, we all can use help to manage emotions and deal with heavy burdens. Read the rest of NetCredit’s infographic for science-backed strategies to combat workplace anxiety, stress and frustration.

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