Infographic: Science-backed ways to improve your next blog post

It doesn’t matter whether you run a big-time blog or a small corporate one—you can write a killer post that reaps thousands of shares. Here’s what you should know.

Even though countless experts say you can’t make something go viral—it has to happen organically, they say—there are things you can do to increase your blog posts’ chances at hitting it big.

An infographic from Backlinko and reveals the secrets. For example:

1. People read and share stories that provide:

  • Social currency: People share stories that they think will make them look good.
  • Emotion: If your post sparks strong emotions, it will probably spark a lot of sharing, too.
  • Practical value: Let’s just say if I ever find a post that explains how to fold a fitted sheet, I would read—and share—that link in a heartbeat.

2. People scan headlines for the first and last three words, so choose them wisely.

  • Also, the ideal headline formula is: number + adjective + keyword + rationale + promise.

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3. People skim, so craft your copy carefully.

  • Add an image every 350 words. High-quality images keep readers’ attention, increase trust and reduce bounce rates.
  • Include a call to action. They can boost click-through rates as much as 216 percent.
  • Use subheads. They improve readability and search engine optimization.

Check out the infographic for more insider secrets:

(View a larger image.)

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