Infographic: The 5 types of Facebook followers every brand needs

From the popular kids to the basement-dwelling haters (yes, you need them), here are the people every successful brand needs.

You know your business needs a Facebook page, and you know you need people to like and engage with it.

But you can’t be satisfied with just anyone liking your page. You need to know which followers are going to benefit your brand.

This infographic from Vocus profiles the five types of followers every business should strive to count among its ranks.

From early adopters to basement-dwelling haters (yes, you need them, too), here’s a quick overview of the people you need and how you can spot them:

1. Early adopters

Why you need them: They’re known to be experts in all things cool, which has earned them large social followings filled with engaged consumers.

2. Social sharers

Why you need them: They will spread your updates across several social media sites.

3. Born followers

Why you need them: They may be swayed to try your product if they see a lot of other people advocating it.

4. Popular powerhouses

Why you need them: Their influence can turn skeptics into customers.

5. Basement-dwelling haters

Why you need them: The way you handle a complaint can improve your brand’s image.

Check out the full graphic for more on these fans, as well as statistics to back their necessity: (View a larger image.)

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