Infographic: The most strategic, substantive work perks

For better recruiting, retention and employee engagement, give the people what they want. Anticipate individual needs, and make sure incentives dovetail with your colleagues’ lifestyles.

When it comes to benefits, does your company offer fruitcakes or Ferraris?

You probably can’t give your best people an Italian sports car—or even a high-mileage mid-’90s Geo Metro—but there are plenty of perks that can push your engagement pedal to the metal.

An infographic from TINYpulse sheds light on what top companies offer to keep their talent happily cruising down Career Path Road.

Examples include these observations:

  • Flexibility is priceless. According to the infographic, “relaxed schedules can reduce turnover by 10 percent.” Companies such as Netflix and Weebly let their employees work whenever they want.
  • Paid time off is golden. Moz and Mattel, among others, offer generous PTO policies to encourage a healthy work-life balance.
  • Food—of the delicious, free variety—entices workers. The graphic says Google staffers are “never more than 200 feet from free food.” One can only imagine the bounty of high-end, technologically advanced snacks those Googlers are feasting on every day.
  • Health programs are increasingly popular. Clif Bar, for example, offers a stipend for gym time and for employees to compete in races. More businesses are offering support for mental health issues, too. UPS’ Employee Assistance Program helps workers access care for a range of mental health issues.
  • Child care costs are exorbitant. To offset this heavy financial burden, Cisco gives its employees access to two onsite child care centers. Facebook, meanwhile, gives new parents “four months of paid leave, reimbursement for day care and adoption fees and $4,000 in ‘baby cash.'”

You might not be able to compete with “baby cash,” or Google’s free food, but there are plenty of meaningful incentives you can provide that won’t break the bank. The trick is finding out what the people—what your people—really want. Take a gander at the rest of the graphic below to see what other benefits companies are banking on.

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