Infographic: The value of print in today’s marketing

It might be expensive to produce tree-based materials, but there’s science behind the effectiveness of tangible pieces.

Marketing, like a healthy diet, requires variety and balance.

Digital efforts constitute the main course of our current marketing diet, but Vistaprint Corporate’s infographic reminds us that a sensible portion of print still deserves room on our plates.

Print is expensive, but it has science-backed advantages over online content. The infographic cites research that print pieces top digital ads in cognitive categories such as review time, emotional reaction, memory retention and perceived value.

Print advertisements are also easy on the brain. The graphic says print materials garner “70 percent higher recall” and that it takes “21 percent less cognitive effort” to process print pieces.

In addition, print scores points for response and open rates. The infographic cites a study that found direct-mail pieces enjoyed a 37 percent higher open rate than emails. Postcards received a 4.25 percent response rate, compared with 0.1 percent for email.

Digital marketing is the present and future, but print remains effective—almost 600 years on from Mr. Gutenberg’s transformative invention.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about why we shouldn’t quit print.

Infographic: Here's why you need to step your print marketing game up

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