Infographic: Tips to help introverts pipe up in meetings

Print out the agenda, form your opinions in advance, and try to break the ice early. Also, skip the coffee.

Do you dread speaking up around your colleagues?

Whether you’re shy, have trouble articulating your thoughts or perhaps suffer from a touch of anthropophobia, there is hope and help at hand.

On Stride Financial has created an infographic designed to help introverts make their voices heard in meetings.

Tips include:

  • Go over the agenda, and begin forming opinions in advance. The piece suggests crafting a crib sheet by printing the agenda and writing in your notes, which provides “speaking prompts at your fingertips.”
  • Skip the coffee. It’ll just make you jittery and less effective. Apparently, caffeine turns introverts into inefficient nincompoops.
  • Arrive early, and warm up with small talk. Citing emotional intelligence expert Tracey Adams, the infographic says: “You’re more likely to speak up during a meeting if you’ve already talked to people.”
  • Speak up at the beginning. The longer you sit and stew in your thoughts, the more nervous you’ll become. Say something at the front end of the gathering to break the ice.
  • Be the person who sums things up. Even if the loudmouth extroverts dominate the meeting, introverts can capture the key takeaways and influence the upshot through fastidious note-taking. This is a “great opportunity to shape the outcome by articulating the meeting’s conclusions and calls to action.”
  • Follow up with one-on-one conversations. If you’re unable to get your two cents in, try to meet key players in a more personal setting afterward.

You may be able to write circles around your colleagues, but if you want to exert more influence around the office, you have to speak up. Take a gander at the guide below for more helpful tips.

An Introvert's Guide to Getting Your Voice Heard in a Meeting Infographic

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