Infographic: Tips to make writing easier

Media Is Power offers up these tips to make creating content a simpler task.

When I’ve worked with technical writers in the past, the most frequent question I get is, “How do I get started?”

There are thousands of tips to help a blocked writer get around the curve. Different pieces of advice are going to speak to different writers.

When I saw the following infographic from Media Is Power, I was struck by how universally helpful these suggestions were. Here are its top five tips for easier writing:

Ideas are everywhere

Think in headlines

Answer “The Question”

Make it snack-sized

Don’t overthink it

What helps me is to start with a key sentence that I want to get across—call it the “main idea” of whatever it is I’m writing. Then, I simply build from there. The lead, conclusion and supporting material fill in the rest of the piece and voila.

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Check out the infographic below, and share your tips in the comments:

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