Infographic: Tips to navigate workplace shakeups

Change can be downright lethal to employee engagement if it’s managed poorly. Here’s how to handle restructurings, reorganizations or other organizational pivots with aplomb.

Change at work is hard for everyone.

Workers worry about their livelihoods. Leaders and communicators fret over morale, productivity, messaging and communication—or at least they should.

Happify has published an infographic loaded with gems of guidance to help staffers, communicators and leaders navigate the worrisome waters of workplace change.

For employees, tips include:

  • Rely on your support networks throughout the change.
  • Be proactive about asking questions and solving any problems that arise.
  • Acknowledge your feelings and manage your own stress throughout the process.
  • Expect (and accept) that changes will occur. 

The infographic provides guidance for leaders, too:

  • Be clear and certain about the change you’re planning.
  • Consult employees about the change.
  • Communicate well and clearly with everyone involved about the change.

That last point bears repeating. Clear, consistent, forthright communication is a soothing balm that can prevent morale and engagement wounds from festering. Much more than placating personnel, communication is perhaps the most crucial component of workplace change. If you give employees the silent treatment—or let the rumor mill dictate or derail the conversation—you could have a staff revolt on your hands. As the infographic conveys, it’s better to err on the side of too much communication than too little.

Review the rest of the infographic to learn more.

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