Infographic: What every social media campaign must have

Social media won’t help your company one bit if you don’t have a clear and compelling message to share.

Social media may be the new, trendy way for companies to communicate to their audiences, but it won’t do anything to boost business if companies don’t have a clear message to send.

In a recent infographic, Wickware Communications explains that in order to be successful on social media, a company must have a strong core message that explains “why you do what you do, what makes you different and better, and how it helps your clients.” The graphic focuses on financial firms, but its takeaways are relevant to all companies.

The infographic emphasizes that to make messages clear, brands must have a strong voice that engages audiences and addresses their concerns, a memorable visual identity, and a believable communications statement.

In these categories, Wickware found:

  • Only 24 percent of asset managers clearly explain why they do what they do, how their firms are different from others, and what they do to help clients.
  • A whopping 76 percent of asset managers use blasé colors, images and graphics to represent their brands.
  • Only 35 percent of asset managers use a variety of mediums and stories to educate their audiences.

Does your brand consider voice, visual identity and message when implementing its social media efforts?

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